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     Five Star Correctional Services is a customer service driven organization. We supply customized programs and you will find that we are willing to go above and beyond other companies in meeting the very unique needs of each individual facility. Five Star Correctional Services has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to you and your facility.

                 Good Food is Cheap Security

     We at Five Star Correctional Services wil not only meet or exceed correctional facility standards, we also offer inmates the satisfaction of a wholesome meal. We have found that good food is often cheap security - the home-style dishes we prepare can go a long way to ease tensions that may exist among inmates. Plus, trained supervisors take pride in passing on valuable trade skills to the inmates who staff our kitchens.

     Five Star Correctional Services is the only regional company able to fulfill your needs. We are large enough to get the job done and small enough to provide the personal service you deserve. You will never be "just another account" to Five Star Correctional Services.

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     We look forward to the opportunity of discussing how Five Star Correctional Services can help meet your Food Service needs. You can email us in order to send inquiries to Five Star Correctional Services from our Contact Page or call us at 855.814.7457 for more information.

Those seeking employment at Five Star Correctional Services may email us in order to send their resume to inform the human resources department of their interest in employment opportunities. Send us an email on our Contact Page.

Our Management Staff are listed below with biographical information:

Bob Austin
Email: bobaustin@flash.net
Bob Austin, Chief Executive Officer, has over 40 years of food service experience. He began his career in the private sector at a very early age. He worked for Wyatt’s Cafeteria for 24 years, working his way up from busboy to the youngest Regional Manager in Wyatt’s history. His private food service background transitioned over to industrial and correctional feeding almost 20 years ago when he started working at Mid-States Services as a District Manager. Within five years he was promoted to Vice-President of Food Service.

When Five Star Correctional Services was preparing to open its doors in 2002, Bob was very specifically sought out because of his extensive food service background to set up and oversee the Food Service division. He left Mid-States to become Vice-President, and has been a cornerstone of Five Star’s rapid success in the correctional foodservice industry. Although Bob is now the CEO of Five Star, his hands-on approach to customer service is what sets him apart from other executives in the business. He is never more than a phone call away because his philosophy has always been to make sure the customers know they have someone they can count on to provide the very best service available.

Ron Stevens
Email: ron.masi@yahoo.com
Ron Stevens, President, is another veteran of Mid-States. He served directly under Bob Austin for five years. He graduated from South West Texas State University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. Ron spent 11 years as a unit manager for Wyatt Cafeterias, followed by several years of management in full-service restaurants. He was the Food Service Director at Denton County Correctional Facility during his tenure at Mid-States before graduating to multi-unit management in the North Texas area. Ron was responsible for 10 correctional facilities, working inside the jail kitchens to monitor personnel, quality control, security, as well as addressing customer needs and concerns. He has acquired the skills to design and implement streamlined Children’s food service. When we begin a new food service operation, Ron dedicates 100 percent of his time to that facility.

He is responsible for the initial ordering, inventory, and menu planning, as well as training the new personnel. He does not leave the facility until he is certain that it will run smoothly under the new crew. Once it is under way, he visits frequently to ensure that the kitchen continues to operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

When he is not setting up new locations, Ron makes frequent visits to all the established locations. His direct involvement with each of our operations has helped give Five Star Correctional Services its outstanding reputation for quality food service.

Antonio "Tony" Mayin
Regional Manager
Email: tony.mayin@gmail.com
Antonio “Tony” Mayin, Regional Manager, Like Ron Stevens, Tony began his career at Wyatt’s in 1979 and was awarded “District Manager of the Year“ in 1984. Tony has also worked for Sizzlers restaurants where he evaluated operations and helped to with staff retention. From 1994 until he came to work with Five Star Correctional Services in January of 2006, Tony was the General Manager of Twelve Oaks Catering. Tony’s 25+ years of experience in managing quality food service operations has already become an asset to Five Star Correctional Services.

Patrick "Pat" Templin
Regional Manager
Email: ptemplin90@yahoo.com
Patrick “Pat” Templin, Regional Manager, Pat graduated from Texas Tech in 1994 with a B.S., in Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management. Since his graduation he has continually worked in correctional food service management. Most recently he was the Director of Operations for ABL Management where he managed 35 accounts in nine states. Five Star Correctional Services is fortunate to have Pat on our team.

Gary Finch
Regional Manager, Piggyback Operations
Email: gdf82537@yahoo.com
Gary Finch, Regional Manager, Piggyback Operations, Gary graduated from Texas Tech in 1988 with a B.S., in Physical Education. Wyatt’s Cafeteria was Gary’s first experience at managing food service. He was an Associate Manager for the company for several years. In 1995 he became a Route Sales Representative for Aramark in their Uniform Services division where he did sales and customer services for the Western Region of Texas. Gary provides a dedicated and consistent approach to helping our Managers live up to the exacting standards set by Five Star Correctional Services, Inc.



Serving Up Satisfaction

Five Star enjoys an exemplary reputation for customer service. Our management team is comprised of industry veterans with over 50 combined years experience in food service. Their backgrounds have demonstrated that despite varying industry trends and market ups and downs, traditional business ideals and solid business practices best benefit customers and in turn, Five Star.

Five Star Correctional Services offers a free analysis of a jail's Food Service Operations

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Food Service - Largest Private Food Service in the Region

  • Five Star has invested considerable resources researching and developing foods that satisfy the diverse makeup of correctional populations.
  • A registered dietitian ensures that our menus meet or exceed nutritional requirements.
  • We prepare wholesome, appetizing meals from scratch, while many of our competitors follow an "out of the can, into the pan" approach to the food service.
  • We have the ability to customize our menu to meet specific needs.
  • Our company provides written comprehensive plans on sanitation, security, safety, and preventative maintenance.

Inmate Supervision - Teaching Skills

  • Five Star directly supervises kitchen trustees to ensure that the food is properly and safely prepareed.
  • Inmates learn the practice a trade that they can use when released.

Piggyback Program - Saving over $30,000 annually

  • Guaranteed Meal pricing for 12 Months.
  • Currently Helping Smaller Jails Save Money and Ease Budget Strain.
  • Designed for Jails with Populations Between 25 and 250.
  • Proven Track Record.
  • Great References.
  • Reliable Quality.
  • Professional Support.
  • Five Star Service.


"Five Star Correctional Services has provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our facility. They have succeeded in creating menus which are specific and relevant to the particular needs of our facility. I’m impressed in how efficient the service is and how much we’ve benefited from the working relationship we have established over the years. Your personal 1 to 1 communication is refreshing and extremely comforting.Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference."
  Col. David Mowers
  St. Bernard Parish prison

"When we changed over to Five Star Correctional from doing our own food service under the Piggy Back Plan, we found it to be a win-win situation. Bob Austin and his crew came in with a whole new menu, trained my people in preparation, ordering and how to run a proper food service in an economical way. Now the complaints are gone, the food is done right and with very little waste. And the county is saving money which makes me look good.
Thank you Five Star."
  Eastland County Sheriff Wayne Bradford

For a list of references please contact us at Five Star Correctional Services or call us at 855.814.7457.

Coverage Area

Five Star Correctional Services currently serves over 50,000 meals a day in various locations. While our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas the facilities we serve are located throughout the South Central Region. The map below shows the states that we are currently operating in. If you are out side of this region please contact us at Five Star Correctional Services to discuss the possibility of our expanding into your area.


Those seeking employment at Five Star Correctional Services may fill out our informational form on this site to inform the human rescources department of their interest in employment opportunities.